Saturday, May 12, 2012

IMC concept sketch and idea

I was looking over the assignments given for the IMC last week and although they all sound wonderful and challenging, I cannot get this a particular concept out of my mind that I have been wanting to to do for some time. So, I am posting this concept to share with fellow IMC'ers to get any feedback on this idea. I have provided some preliminary sketches below in order to begin experimenting with the composition.

Basically, I want to capture the problem of conflict. I would like to capture a moment in time when two adversary's at a moment of mental and physical fatigue display connection with one another in a unintentional way. One moment that was brought to my attention when watching a boxing match. Nearing round 10 or so, the two fighters embraced each other for a moment. That type of thing is not allowed in boxing and referee immediately forced them apart. I realize what I see is not what is actually happening, the two men are not putting down thier swords to "kiss and make up"  but if I was not familiar with the rules, or I was a child maybe I would interpret that embrace as a hug.

That visual left me with thinking, what better way to summarize human conflict. In a moment when we are supposedly at great odds with one another, we ironically rely on each other for support. Two strong men whom are trying to knock each other down are actually holding each other up. It is a testament to nature, maybe we are better suited to help each other rather defeat each other.

Above is a quick sketch of my composition for this piece. The environment is a boxing area. The subjects are two fighters at the moment of embrace. In the background is a crowd of people watching, each with expressions on their faces that display some of the emotions felt when we deal with conflict, agony, disinterest, fear, unaware, pride, etc.. I want to show the fighters in a dramatic way perhaps a view from the mat looking up.
It might be a bit overkill but I think I can work up a strong composition with this idea and it involves alot of the aspects that the IMC is teaching. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. I am not normally this "heavy" but for some reason this has been sitting in my head for a while. I would love to hear some perspective on this topic if you have the time.


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